Keep the Park You Love Open!

For over a decade the Board of the Friends of Medway Dog Park has supported the Park. Without the Friends, the park’s management would fall under the jurisdiction of the Medway Parks Dept. and the Medway Animal Control Officer. This represents an extra burden on these entities, which could lead to the closing of the park entirely.

In order to keep Friends of Medway Dog Park’s non-profit standing, four board members are needed, in accordance with the park bylaws. The responsibilities which need to be continued are:

  • Order wood chips as needed
  • Keep poop bag stations filled (currently fulfilled by a member)
  • Organize membership and fundraising drives[s] (generally one or two per year)
  • Organize clean up days (usually two times a year)
  • Website updates, email list management
  • Handling of funds, file non-profit status report once a year
  • Occasional dog park meetings (1-2 hours each, for reporting of funds usage, organizing membership drives etc. – as needed, usually no more than a couple of times a year)

The above duties can be divided amongst the four positions as desired/appropriate. Up to now, the President has been the liaison between the Medway Parks Department and the Dog Park; the Treasurer has handled the funds; the Vice-President built the Park’s website, and kept it and the email database updated; the Secretary kept meeting minutes.

Currently two members have expressed willingness to fulfill some of these duties, but more volunteers are needed to step up! With four people sharing the tasks and patrons volunteering to help out, these are not hard or time consuming jobs. Please help insure that our park stays open by becoming a board member.

If you’re interested in filling one of these positions or have questions about the responsibilities, contact the Board via the contact form OR call Judy Moffatt, current President. Leave a message at 508-533-4496, and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

The current Board of the Friends of the Medway Dog Park:
Judy Moffatt, Kim Taverna, Nancy Murdock, Gurukarm Khalsa

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