Henry Garnsey: His Homestead and History

The location of the Medway Dog Park is an historic site in Medway, once the home of the first settler in Medway, Henry Garnsey, in 1700.

Today, the only evidence of the homestead visible on the property is the old stone foundation. Tim Dumas was granted permission by the Medway Park Commissioners and the Medway Board of Selectmen to preserve the foundation by filling the cellar hole with sand, leaving only the top of the foundation exposed, thus preventing any further collapse of the stone foundation. A fence was erected around it to preserve the historical foundation. A message board is located just outside the fence in front of the foundation which displays historical information about the land.


In 1649 and 1650, grants of land were made to Dedham, MA, settlers wishing to establish a new settlement in the Boggestowe area at East Holliston, MA. Medfield, MA, was incorporated in 1650 on these lands. In 1659 another grant of land, called the “New Grant” was made to Medfield settlers, in an area now largely occupied by Medway, MA.

Henry Garnsey of Roxbury was the first settler in the New Grant. In 1700, the same year that he married Sarah Wheelock, he owned Lot No. 8, which laid on both sides of Chicken Brook, with its east boundary at the present Cottage Street. His dwelling stood near the original junction of Village and Cottage Streets. The site of his house is marked by a partial foundation and cellar hole, just south of the former railroad grade, preserved by the Medway Historical Commission.

  • In 1717 he was a Selectman of Medway, MA.
  • Guernsey Street in Medway, MA, unfortunately misnamed, commemorates Henry Garnsey.
  • Henry’s wife Sarah died in 1716, and Hannah, Henry’s second wife died in 1721.
  • His tombstone, in the Old Burying Ground, West Medway, reads as follows:
    “Here lies ye Body of Henry Gurnsey, Deceased, July ye 3rd 1759 Aged 80 years.”

SOURCE CITATION: “Early Medway Settlers & Land Records”, Francis D. Donovan, 1996, Medway Public Library web site.

About Henry Garnsey and His Families

born 16 Jul 1679 in Dorchester, Suffolk County, MA; christened 7 Sep 1679; Died – 3 July 1759, Medway, MA; Burial – Old Burying Ground, Medway, MA
Family 1: Wife: Sarah WHEELOCK, MARRIAGE: 7 NOV 1700, Dedham, Suffolk, MA (Source: Dedham Vital Records)

  • Sarah GARNSEY: Birth – 1701, Medway, MA
  • Samuel GARNSEY: Birth – 1703
  • Bette GARNSEY: Birth – 1705
  • Mary GARNSEY: Birth – 1707
  • Mehetible GARNSEY: Birth – 1709l Death – 1713
  • John GARNSEY: Birth – 1709; Death – 1713
  • Thankful GARNSEY: Birth – 1712
  • Experience GARNSEY: Birth – 1715
  • Patience GARNSEY: Birth – 1716

Family 2: Wife: Hannah (last name and date of marriage not noted); died 1721.

  • Hannah: Birth – 1718

SOURCE CITATION: “Early Medway Settlers & Land Records”, Francis D. Donovan, 1996, Medway Public Library web site.

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